Monday, 3 October 2011

Scribble Domain - Mid Century Designs

Oh yes, I have been busy, scribbling away, trying this, trying that. Dumping this and going with that. So, some new stuff . . . . . prints now listed in my Scribble Domain etsy shop.  A new abstract  ( above ), a very satisfying combination shape and line. It's not always as easy as it looks to get that balance just right.

Another print worked up from a scribble I did with a fineliner and a brush pen . . . . chopped up and reworked . . . . the one below is for a notebook cover.  Paper is cut, all ready and waiting for me to print out the covers. I'm at a bit of a low ebb, energy wise so I'll have to get to that later in the week.

And my curiosity being what it is I thought I'd just see how that design looked on a mug. Only stuck on with bluetack mind,  but I put it in the kitchen so I could look at it and was suprised to find that, despite being Modernist,  italso looks good with pretty vintage stuff

The dark blue vase behind it has obviously been an influence . . . .

Then something completely different. Believe me when I say this happened completely by accident, it just made itself. I was only fooling round with a couple of shapes (honest guv) and before I knew it I had 'The Rialto'. Not what I was planning to do but I was so taken with it I thought I'd see if I could do something else in that vein . . . . cut paper shapes have now been added to the scribbles 

The Temples . . . . .  hoping  these might evolve into a series.

The Rialto as a possible mug design . . . . 

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and lastly fooling around with The Temples as a stamp. Another notebook cover perhaps? I have all these printed out and stuck on my wall so I can live with them for a while . . . . got to let the ideas percolate for a bit, see what else happens . . . . .

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