Saturday, 17 September 2011

Through a glass darkly

The pictures I take are only ever a starting point, most end up as photoshop brushes and the  rather crappy lo-fi ones from the last time are no exception. Totally unexceptional to look at just as they were they offered all kinds of possibilities once turned into brushes  . . . like the one above.  A few ideas . . . .

And then that rather dreary one taken the day it rained. I did add a bit of noise to this one, not something I usually do because it tends to look so obvious.

And a kind of sepia thing . . .  I started with a dark brown background layer and chose a pale milky coffee colour for the stamp.

And then for good measure stick 'em all together and see what you get. Has possibilities I think don't you? Must get some more black card I'm thinking and try some more photos.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Lo-fi effects with a Digital Camera

Welcome to the very Lo-Fi- DIY- Whitney-Way of  messing up your photographs. Why would you want to mess up perfectly good photographs taken with your perfectly good digital camera? Because everybody is going with the Lomo-Holga- light- leaking- crappy-lens-oh-no-everything's-turned-yellow look, that's why. I can't quite commit to one of these cheap and nasty Eastern European or Chinese cameras and so I've been looking at various stuff online like how to use your SLR as a pinhole camera. Isn't that just the most exquisite joke?
Here are a couple of sites that will give you some idea of what these cameras can do - 

I also found came across Jojo's Photostore  which has lo-fi lenses for your SLR. I can only drool over the website and start saving my pennies for my bloved camera does not have a removable lens.

So, I start thinking . . . . . what if? What if I take a bit of dark card, cut a vignette kind of shape out of it and tape it over my camera lens ( being ever so careful not to scratch said lens ) ?  I also played around with the exposure . . .  picture above, overexposed, picture below on normal setting.

This one was taken on a really grey rainy day which worked rather well with the whole bleached out look.

And here are the two bits of card I was playing around with. The round hole started out as a pinhole but the camera just got confused and gave up so I gradually widened the hole and, um, got a bit impatient and ended up with a tear on one side. Was goingt to try that one again but I'd run out of dark card.

These are the pictures I got with the round ( ish )  hole . . . .

Quite fun I think, I especially like the blurring round one edge though I don't know what caused that.
Then a few days later I thought I'd try holding a glass up to the lens. Actually, I was just going to sleep when I thought of it and it was all I could do to stop myself leaping out of bed and running downstairs to try it.

My two different kinds of drinking glasses . . . . .

And this is what I got . . . . . . .

Kind of cool don't you think? I really, really enjoyed using the camera like this. Not sure where I'll go from here but it's made me think about taking pictures in a very different way

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