Saturday, 8 October 2011

In which I collaborate with Shana

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Something new, something really quite exciting . . . . a collaboration with Shana Goetsch on her Art that Circles the Earth project which is all about creating  Mandalas . . .  here is her blog post about me  (gosh feels strange to be reading about myself ).

 We each start a piece then send it to each other,  add a bit to it then send it back. We do this twice before it's finished. I've been making virtual art for quite a while now, one reason being that with one room to work in and all the fabric for my vintage stuff ( Every Girl's Story ) in that one room there really isn't the space to get the paints out or the ink or the boxes of assemblage stuff. But this gives me an excuse to clear the table and get physical with some art. I've even splattered some ink around to make some new Photoshop brushes and boy, does that feel good!  I want to try them out first but hope to share those with you during the week some time. In the meantime I've done the  first part of my Mandala and it goes off in the post to Shana on monday . . .  I'm going to be sitting by the letterbox waiting for the postman till hers comes winging it's way to me.

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  1. i'm a jerk and never comment. i read this and didn't comment, i that the piece!? i am very excited, either way. if that is the piece i'll be really excited.


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