Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Holga Photography

I have taken many, many pictures of the harbour but I've never been so taken with the results as I am with these. The 208 page pdf of instructions that came with my new camera put me off taking it out until in the end I just thought 'sod it' and took it out anyway, stuffing the Holga lens into a pocket as I went out the door. What can I say? The results speak for themselves.

 It was a grey overcast day, be interesting to see how the same scene looks in bright sunlight. The lens is just a cheap lightweight bit of plastic with a lens cap that doesn't fit and has to be held in place by bluetack - a solution pretty much in keeping with the whole lo-fi, no-quality Holga aesthetic. There are no controls over aperture, white balance, etc, what you see is what you get . . .  literally. Not only do you get that lovely vignetting around the edges but it does chop off a fair bit either side of the picture. . . . same picture taken with the proper lens on fits more in horizontally.

 Love that greenish underwater kind of look .  . . very turn of the century which was exactly what I wanted.

In the picture below I've boosted the levels a bit . . . . a  bit is all you can do before you blow out the highlights completely and lose all the detail in the shadows. Interested to see how it would print out I tried it on my canon matte paper . . .  comes out not as green but pretty much the same. It was only a 6x4 test piece, not sure if the detail would stand up to an A4. Need to think about it some more before I try that out. I need to think about the whole thing because it really took me by suprise, I just wasn't expecting this kind of result. I'm a bit stunned really  . . ..  . don't miss the next exciting instalment of . . . . .


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