Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Landscape of Nostalgia

I'm still working on the idea of Nostalgia, though mostly in my head. A good idea needs to be carried around for a while, quietly nurtured in the mind. This one needs to be sidled up to rather than approached head on.

The Landscape of Nostalgia is a fictional place with it's roots in a real time and location. By the time one arrives at nostalgia any resemblance to the original reality is tenous. Enough to make it look similar but now it's the evocation of a time that fills the space.

I am genuinely interested in early photography but also aware of ( and amused by)  the fact that everyone is looking back and saying ( nostalgicaly), remember the good old, bad old days of photos that turned green, cameras that leaked light, film that was grainy?  It's evocation, evocation, evocation - the 70's weren't really great, we just think they were.

It wasn't until I had done these couple of pictures ( very exploratory still )  that I realised I had been so influenced by Atget's photographs of Versaille. Like everyone I love the pictures of the old Paris buildings but the photos taken at Versaille seem more moving somehow. Can't really analyse that.

These three pieces have the right amount of fictional about them while obviously rooted in some kind of reality. I feel that I'm heading in the right direction.

Technically I'm not 100% sure about them as they print up quite green . . .  or purple according to which paper I'm using. That's just trial and error of course, lots of trial and plenty of error . . . . .and plenty more thinking about it.

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