Friday, 6 April 2012

Ideas of Alienation - Experimental Digital Art

 The Landscape of Nostalgia idea led me to think about alienation . . . . not that much of a reach really. I try not to get too hung up on the idea behind a piece. Really I've tried not to make art 'about' anything but it's kind of crept back in. Lets just say that these pieces have a feeling of alienation about them, a kind of displacement and leave it at that. I promise not to talk about a 'dialogue' or a 'journey' so as not to get too w***y about it.


You have to admit they are pretty spooky looking. I wanted a feeling of near recognition about them, elements that you can almost identify but that lie just beyond your conscious reach.

Prints of these have come out really well. Didn't want to go for just black and white so the background/light colour is a very pale dusty kind of pink which contrast well with the deep saturated areas of black. Always print on a matte paper which makes all the difference with digital .

Sod's Law that I run out of inks at this point. These will be listed in my Whitney's Art Etsy shop as soon as the new inks arrive. Will post that on my facebook page as soon as so go on and hit that 'Like' button if you want to keep up with that kind of thing. I must admit I'm not as focused on this kind of thing as, perhaps, I ought to be . . . .  I'd rather be making art.
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