Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Real Crime Scene

 The way we hurt ourselves and each other . . . . that's the real crime scene. That's what these are all about. 

I'm enjoying the mix of photo stamps, a bit of scribbling with the mouse and then the graphic images. I think this is working out well.


I printed the top image onto a t-shirt transfer, ironed it on, peeled the backing paper off in great anticipation only to find that I had ironed it on upside down! It does look good, except for the fact that my chest distorts the image!!! What I need is a guy to try this out on. And no, my old man is not about to volunteer . . .  not really his style. So, if you are reading this, have reasonably flat front and you fancy being a guinea pig the let me know and I can have another try . . . .  the right way round!

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