Monday, 19 March 2012

Anatomy of a Picture

This is where it started, with a doodled shape done in Photoshop. I'd had a couple of frustrating hours trying to get stuff down on paper. It just wasn't working so I thought I'd give it one last bash but in Photoshop instead. Nothing to lose.

Stamped that a couple of times and I'm beginning to feel mollified because it's looking the way I wanted it to.

Add a bit of this

and a stamp made of this. Junkyard are great for interesting textures and shapes!

Now I was intruiged because I hadn't really expected this combination to work. Like it in black and white but love it in red.

A bit of colour added, more out of curiosity than any real plan, and this is what I ended up with. Now where the hell did that come from? A question I find myself asking quite a lot. I'm crap at on-purpose art but the accidental-oh-blimey-look-what-I-just-did is where I seem to excel. Go figure!
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