Monday, 1 August 2011

Strange Characters Indeed

Hmmm . . . strange things happen when you leave them to gestate on their own . . . . .
A couple of very odd characters . . . . not sure what I'll do with them . . .  I could list them as prints but would you want one of these on your wall? I wouldn't! Maybe small prints then.

Posted by PicasaThis one is less disturbing than the others two . . . . more peaceful, more ethereal.
I'm out of just one or two inks again and must wait on the postman. At least with e-bay you know they will arrive pretty quickly. Still, just a teensy, weensy bit impatient . . .


  1. I really do like that last one! the second one looks like something from a horror movie trailer- maybe you could sell it!

  2. Dark but i like them anyway. They're attractive in their dark way. The last one is beautiful, yes ethereal, I would hang them on my wall all three of them. At some special places in the house. But not to worry about that, i know my drawings are sometimes pretty disturbing. Who would hang that on their wall? But it never stops me of drawing my worlds anyway....

    Sweet greetz!

  3. whitney I love that last one! I'd love it on my wall! hope you're well love hannah x


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