Tuesday, 26 July 2011


                                                  At Night I Dream of Broken Teeth.

Long periods of thinking are essential to any creativity. The fallow periods are especially important; when nothing appears to be happening. We know this but forget. Winter is essential for plants to rest and store up their energies. Our natural cycles are mostly dictated by everyday life . . .  work, families, shopping, cooking, socialising but there is always underneath that another pull and demand.

We home schooled our daughter for a few years in her early teens and once she had, so to speak, de-institutionalised herself, that natural pattern/cycle/flow became so much more apparent. There was an intense period of activity on a project or idea, followed by a plateau, followed by, apparently, nothing and then it would swing back round to the beginning. This was a rare privelege -  for her to live like that for a few years and for us to see this happening.

I lose this perspective all too often. I need to tune myself to the right rythym, the best rythym and stop going against the flow.

Maybe this one  ( above ) should just be called " Aargh!!". Too much fight, too much struggle. I find my creativity overwhelming, sometimes it's like staggering around with a mountain on my back. Sometimes I pull against it but it draws me back again.

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Something gestational . . . .  it's just not ready yet . . .  too soon, too soon.


  1. Thanks for this very important reminder, Whitney. I tend to push too much against the flow, mainly because I can't control when I'll have time to make art, so when those times come, I go, "come on, come on, hurry up and make something!"
    I like where these new pieces are going. I hope you're doing OK.

  2. Wonderful post Whitney. Yes i also sometimes forget to let it flow, being overwhelmed by life itself. Busy busy busy.
    I love these new pieces a lot. They're beautiful....


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