Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ghost Town

Photographing at night . . .  a natural progression from walking at night. Go out during the day and there is too much to engage with. Walking at night everything is pared down, visually and aurally. I feel free walking at night. 

I'm trying to take more time framing the shot, thinking about what I'm after.
Still thinking about alienation but also about the different layers to the world; there is always another world beneath/behind/underlying the everyday one we so casually accept. Which most of us don't really look at all.

Layering the different shots together . . . . don't ask me why I went for colour with these . . . . just to see really. I shall draw my last breath thinking " I wonder what would happen if . . . . ?".  There's a kind of underwater feel here.

Alienation,strangeness, loneliness . . .  this little seaside town has it's desolation just like anywhere else. I'm not interested in the chocolate box giftshop chip shop thing unless it's to draw out the strangeness of it.

My favourite out of all this lot ( above )  . . .  now the new blog header, facebook picture thingy. Can't get enough of it.

Then invert everything and we've got an urban take on the Landscape of Nostalgia thing. They have a kind of early photography feel to them  but with weird added to the mix. Which do you like best? Colour or vanilla?

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