Monday, 11 June 2012

Putting Stuff in my Scanner - The Rosary Series

Boredom, curiosity, whatever it was it was going to happen at some point . . . putting 3-D stuff in my scanner. In order to protect the glass I cut up a plastic wallet and lay that on the scanner bed placing the objects on top of that. Let me tell you it attracts a lot of dust, no sooner had I wiped one side of the plastic clean then the other side went all staticky and dusty. The scan of the matches has all the dust included. I got impatient and thought I'd better pretend it was meant to be that way or I'd still be there now.

First my Rosary got scanned and then some matches. Pretty good combination I reckon. The matches led to a whole other lots of pictures which I'll show you presently.

This one is entitled 'The Ascension'  using one of my old altered dolls . . .  I can't help being flippant. Every time I think I've got the whole 'Serious Art' thing nailed there's a part of me that pushes it in the other direction. I was a nightmare at school for that very reason.

Here we are . . . .  'The Brides of Christ'  using a paper collage of a bride from a war time Picture Post magazine. Me being flippant again. It makes me laugh though which is so important; I  quickly get fed up with anything po-faced or boring.

And then, from one minute to the next it went from slightly silly to pretty serious. This piece really embodies the practise of payer and meditation. Go figure.

More 'Stuff in the Scanner' soon . . . .

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