Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Portrait Photography

Beautiful sunny morning  . . . . cameras all over the table . . . . my husband was showing me how interchangeable lenses work. Such lovely chunky old cameras, two Prakticas and a Canon . . . . analogue cameras, not a digital button in sight. I'm just sorry that film and developing is so expensive because there is something so straightforward about these cameras

Grabbing my digital I fired off a couple of shots. I have a new camera and thought I'd grab a couple of pictures to go with a blog post about it.But these pictures of my husband turned out better than I thought. See the previous post for the other picture . . .  I may never take a better photo than this.

I'm still trying to work out the millions of menus and options that come with my new camera plus the card I got for it won't behave so sucks-boo to that. I do have a Holga lens for it so when I do get it to work it's going to be amazing.

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